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Seasoned Tahini

Net Wt. 1.1 lb (500g) 17.6oz
Net Wt. 2.2 lb (1Kg) 35.2oz
Net Wt. 485 lb (220Kg) 
Net Wt. 2204.6 lb (1000Kg) 

Tahini Packing

Seasoned Tahini is made of hulled, roasted, and ground sesame seeds, with natural seasonings added.
It is suitable for use in many dishes, and may be served as a sauce, dip, or a side dish.
Tahini is known for having good nutritional value. Whole-grain Tahini contains an even larger amount of vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber, which assists in proper operation of the digestive system and reduce absorption of cholesterol. It also contains mono-unsaturated acids, which assist in increasing the levels of the “good” cholesterol in the body, thus assisting in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, Whole-grain Tahini contains 4 times the amount of calcium as plain Tahini. Calcium is essential for bone density and strength. Consumption of calcium is extremely important during growth, and should be added to every child’s daily menu. Tahini supplies iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc.


ISO 9001  I  ISO 22000  I  KOSHER  I  ORGANIC




Food Service:



Net Wt. 6.6 lb (3Kg) 
Net Wt. 39.6 lb (18Kg)