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Fried cauliflower with Tahina


1 Cauliflower
separated to small florets
2 Eggs
Oil for frying

For the Sauce:

100ml (about 3.5oz) Tahina base,
100ml (about 3.5oz) water,
1 Tbs. Lemon Juice,
1 Garlic Clove,
Salt (optional),
chopped Coriander or Parsley.


Mix tahina base with the lemon juice, garlic, and the coriander/parsley. Dilute with enough water to achieve a runny consistency. Add salt to taste.
Boil cauliflower florets in water, until slightly softened, and drain.
Beat the eggs in a small bowl with a small amount of water. Dip the florets in the egg mixture. Heat oil in a frying pan, and fry the egg-coated florets until browned.
Transfer fried florets to a serving dish, and pour tahina sauce over the florets.

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