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Among the items worth adding to your daily menu, such as vegetables, whole-grain carbs, and legumes, it is worthwhile to consider adding Tahina, and it is extremely important to choose a high-quality Tahina. But what is it that Tahina possesses, which is so difficult to obtain from other foods, and why is it so important to add it to your daily menu?
Tahina – one of the food sources richest in nutritional values.
Tahina, which consists primarily of ground sesame seeds, is part of the family of foods rich in essential fatty acids (essential unsaturated oils). It’s worth stressing that Tahina contains slightly less than %60 fat (in its raw form. When prepared in a mixture which contains water, cooked chickpeas, spices, lemon juice etc. the fat content drops to about half of this). However, these are healthy fats – about %20 Omega 6 oils, and about %20 monounsaturated oils, which contribute to a lowering of LDL (“bad” cholesterol) and an increase in HDL (“good” cholesterol).
What’s in Tahina?
100 grams of raw, high-quality Tahina contain about 21 grams of Omega 6 (more than the recommended daily allowance), and about 20 grams of monounsaturated oils; up to 11mg of Iron (about 60% of the recommended daily allowance for women), and up to 800mg of Calcium (about 80% of the recommended daily allowance). In addition, Tahina contains about 8 grams of fiber, about 300mg Magnesium, 6mg Zinc, and 300mg Potassium.
Tahina also contains various B vitamins, antioxidents, and more.
High-quality Tahina:
Tahina is made from whole-grain sesame seeds, with the hulls. Whole-grain Tahina has even more nutritional content.
Tahina is made from 100% sesame seeds.
Tahina is low in sodium, with no sodium added, and without soaking the seeds in a sodium solution before grinding.
How to prepare quality Tahina?
Tahina is sold in its raw form. While there are those who enjoy eating it as-is, many will enjoy using it as a main ingredioent in the quick preparation of a homemade spread. You can simply mix Tahina with enough water until a desired consistancy is achieved, or you can add various spices such as olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, paprika, and more, to achieve a rich-tasting spread, which will add zest to any meal.